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The Bachelor of Design is a 122.5 credit undergraduate degree program focused on the interdisciplinary nature of design and the power of the design studio as a place and method for generating ideas and solving problems. The core of the degree program is a series of forums and studios intended to connect history, theory and practice, and give students hands-on experience grappling with design challenges that vary in complexity and scale.

The Bachelor of Design offers opportunities for students to engage design thinking in a collaborative environment focused on addressing contemporary real-world problems and opportunities. Thematic course modules taught by faculty in multiple design disciplines will incorporate methods that artists, designers, and planners use to creatively address contemporary issues such as sustainable living environments, energy efficiency, water and food systems, transportation networks, climate change, and social entrepreneurship. Graduate of this degree are not design professionals but the curriculum prepares students to work as part of a team in a variety of disciplinary settings from design professions to journalism, business, law, engineering, arts, and public service. To that end, the curriculum allows students to pursue double majors to couple design thinking with other discipline of interest. Upon completion, students may also choose to enter graduate programs in the design professions or other fields in which design thinking and critical analysis are valued.

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Curriculum for Bachelor of Design

Total Degree Requirement: 122.5 cr.

Only 63cr. from a two-year institution may apply which may include up to 6 cr. in Design History/Theory/Criticism credit and 6 cr. in Design Skills credit; 16 technical cr.; 21 P-NP cr. of free electives; 2.00 minimum GPA average; Completion of all requirements listed below.

International Perspective: 3 cr.
U.S. Diversity: 3 cr.
Communication: 10 cr.
ENGL 150Critical Thinking and Communicationarr †
ENGL 250Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Compositionarr †
LIB 160Information Literacyarr †
3 credits selected from:arr †
Business Communication
Report and Proposal Writing
Technical Communication
Total Credits0 †
† Arranged with instructor.
Mathematics/Physical Sciences/Biological Sciences: 9 cr.
Social Sciences: 9 cr.
Humanities: 9 cr.
Design Core Program: 11.5 cr.
DSN S 102Design Studio Iarr †
DSN S 115Design Collaborative Seminararr †
DSN S 131Design Representationarr †
DSN S 183Design Culturesarr †
Total Credits0 †
† Arranged with instructor.
BDes Concentration: 29 cr.
DES 230X: Design Thinkingarr †
DES 250X: Bachelor of Design Forumarr †
*DES 240X and DES 340X Studiosarr †
DES 491X: Portfolio and Professional Preparationarr †
DES 495X: Capstone Experiencearr †
*Studio distribution as follows: 4-6 cr. DES 240X and 6-8 cr. DES 340X
Total Credits0 †
† Arranged with instructor.
Design Skills: 12 cr.
DSN S 232Digital Design Communicationsarr †
9 credits from approved list of College of Design course offeringsarr †
Total Credits0 †
† Arranged with instructor.
Design History/Theory/Criticism: 12 cr.

12 cr. selected from approved list of College of Design course offerings.

Minor and/or electives: 21 cr.