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Graduate Studies (GR ST)


Courses primarily for graduate students, open to qualified undergraduates:

GR ST 565. Responsible Conduct of Research in Science and Engineering.

(1-0) Cr. 1. F.S. Prereq: Graduate classification
Ethical and legal issues facing researchers in the sciences and engineering.

GR ST 566. Communications in Science.

(0.5-0) Cr. 0.5. Alt. S., offered 2013. Prereq: graduate classification
Reading and reviewing manuscripts; publishing papers; oral and poster presentations.

GR ST 567. Time Management and Mentoring.

(0.5-0) Cr. 0.5. Alt. F., offered 2012. Prereq: graduate classification
Balancing life and career; mentoring; lab management.

GR ST 568. The Interview Process..

(0.5-0) Cr. 0.5. Alt. S., offered 2013. Prereq: graduate classification.
Applying and interviewing for academia, industry and government.

GR ST 569. Grant Writing..

(1-0) Cr. 1. Alt. F., offered 2013. Prereq: at least two prior years of graduate classification.
Writing a winning proposal.

GR ST 570. Teaching Practices.

(0.5-0) Cr. 0.5. Alt. S., offered 2012. Prereq: graduate classification.
Preparation of a teaching portfolio and course materials; lecturing, technology.

GR ST 585. Preparing Future Faculty Introductory Seminar.

Cr. 1. Prereq: One year of graduate course work; admission into PFF program
Introduction to faculty life issues such as hiring, tenure, teaching, and service at a variety of higher education institutions. Includes presentations from faculty at other institutions.

GR ST 586. Preparing Future Faculty Intermediate Seminar.

Cr. 1-3. Prereq: Admission into PFF program; completion of 585 or permission of instructor
Consideration of a wide range of faculty life issues. Includes topics such as higher education trends, diversity issues, learning styles, assessment, grant and proposal writing, and legal and ethical issues. Written components include job and teaching portfolios.

GR ST 587. Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Practicum.

Cr. 1. Prereq: Permission of instructor, GR ST 585, credit for or concurrent enrollment in GR ST 586
Students complete a stand-alone teaching assignment at Iowa State or another higher education institution. Written components include pedagogical documents.

GR ST 588. Preparing Future Faculty Special Topics.

Cr. 1. Prereq: Permission of instructor, GR ST 585, credit for or concurrent enrollment in GR ST 586
In-depth study of topic providing academic professional development.

Courses for graduate students:

GR ST 600. Examination Only.

Cr. R.
Reserved for graduate students the term they take the final oral examination. Students must have completed all required coursework and not be registered for another non-R Credit course.

GR ST 601. Required Enrollment.

Cr. R.
Reserved for graduate students who must be registered for a particular term, but are not required to take additional coursework.

GR ST 633. Summer Graduate Assistant.

Cr. R. SS.
Only for students not registered in other courses in the summer term.

GR ST 680. Doctoral Post Prelim (Continuous) Registration.

Cr. R. Repeatable.
Reserved for Ph.D. candidates only. See the Graduate College Handbook for specific requirements.

GR ST 697. Curricular Practical Training.

Cr. R. Repeatable. F.S.SS.
Professional work period.