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Dairy Science, B.S. - general

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Dairy Science, B.S. - general

AN S 1101AN S 1142
AN S 1012CHEM 177, 177L or 163. 163L5
BIOL 2113Humanities - elecitve list3
BIOL 211L1SP CM 212, AGEDS 311, or COMST 2143
ENGL 1503STAT 101 or 104 or 2263-4
LIB 1601 
MATH 140, 150, 160, 165, or 1813-4 
Social Science - elective list3 
 17-18 16-17
AN S 2111AN S 2101
AN S 2353AN S 270 & 270L or FS HN 1013
BIOL 2123AN S 2143
BIOL 212L1AN S 214L1
BBMB 2213ENGL 2503
ECON 1013MICRO 201 & 201L or MICRO 302 & 302L3-4
Free elective3Free elective3
 17 17-18
AN S 3193AN S 3203
AN S 3313AN S 3523
GEN 320 or BIOL 3133AN S 3373
US diversity - elective list3Free elective3
Free elective3Ethics - elective list3
 15 15
AN S 4111AN S 4353
AN S 4343International perspective - elective list3
AN S elective3AN S elective3
Free Elective3Free elective3
Free elective3Free Elective4
Free elective3 
 16 16
Total Credits: 129-132
Important Note:

This is only one of many equally-sound schedule sequences.

Free electives and specified group electives are often chosen to complement the student's career focus. The student's academic adviser assists with developing scheduling schemes that prepare students individually for careers in the animal industry.  They are explained fully in AN S 110 and through appointments with the student's adviser in Dairy Science.  Typical career areas include Advanced Degree in Dairy Science, Business and Finance, Agriculture Promotion and Information, Dairy Food Industry, Agricultural Sales and Marketing, International Agriculture, Animal Production and General Agribusiness and Pre-Veterinary Medicine.