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Forestry, B.S. - forest ecosystem management option

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Forestry, B.S. - forest ecosystem management option

BIOL 2113MATH 1503
BIOL 211L1CHEM 1634
NREM 1101CHEM 163L1
ENGL 1503STAT 1014
MATH 140**3LIB 1601
NREM 1203NREM 2111
SOC 130/1343Free Elective3
 17 17
FOR 2012SP CM 2123
FOR 2022ENGL 2503
FOR 2032BIOL 2123
FOR 2042BIOL 212L1
FOR 2053FOR 2804
FOR 2064Free Elective3
 15 17
MATH 151/1813FOR 3023
FOR 3564FOR 4514
NREM 3014Required Electives6
NREM 345 or FOR 3423Free Elective3
Required Elective3 
 17 16
FOR 342 or NREM 3453Policy Elective3
FOR 4163FOR 4543
FOR 4523Required Elective3
Communications Elective3Free Elective6
Free Electives3 
 15 15
Total Credits: 129

To complete degree program in 4 years students must maintain an average of 16 credits per semester.


 Initial math course is determined on the basis of high school math and placement test scores. A non-credit math course (MATH 10) may be required at additional course.


In scheduling coursework, students should pay particular attention to courses with limited offerings (e.g., offered only on alternate years) and to course sequences (i.e., where a course serves as a prerequisite for another course).


In addition to coursework listed above, students must complete departmental requirements for Practical Work Experience requirement (NREM 104). See