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Graphic Design, B.F.A.

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Graphic Design, B.F.A.

First Year
DSN S 102 or DSN S 1314DSN S 102 or DSN S 1314 
DSN S 183 or General Education3DSN S 183 or General Education3 
DSN S 110 or DSN S 1150.5-1.0ENGL 150 or General Education3 
ENGL 150 or General Education3General Education3 
General Education3General Education3 
General Education3LIB 1601 
 16.5-17 17
Second Year
ARTGR 2703ARTGR 2713 
ARTGR 2752ARTGR 2762 
ART H 2803ART H 2813 
ARTGR 2813ARTIS, ARTID, LA or ARCH studio or ART GR 2723 
ARTIS, ARTID, LA, or ARCH Studio or ART GR 2723ENGL 250 (or Communication Study)3 
ENGL 250 (or Communication Study)3  
 17 14
Third Year
ARTGR 3703ARTGR 3713ARTGR 480 (or)
ARTGR 3873ART GR Option3ARTGR 4953
ARTGR Option3ARTGR 3723Students who elect to participate in the Rome Program need to take additional 3 elective credits to reach the 123.5 needed to graduate.
ARTIS, ARTID, LA, or ARCH Studio3ART or DSN History, General Education, or Rome Prep3 
General Education 3ARTGR 3771 
 DSN S 3011 
 ARTGR 4941 
  Elective: ROME, Italian1 
 15 16 3
Fourth Year
ARTGR 4703ARTGR 4715 
ARTGR Option3ARTGR 4813 
ART & DESIGN History or General Education3Elective2-3 
ARTIS, ARTID, LA or ARCH Studio or General Ed3General Education3 
General Education3  
 15 13-14
Total Credits: 126.5-128

Admission into the BFA in Graphic Design Program is based on departmental resources and will be determined by overall cumulative grade point average following completion of 29.5 credits including DSN S 120, 131, ENGL 150 or 250, and other general education requirements. A portfolio review and essay will also be significant factors.