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Landscape Architecture, B.L.A.

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First Year
DSN S 102 or DSN S 1314  
DSN S 183 ( or General Education)3DSN S 131 or DSN S 1024
DSN S 1150.5Soc. Sciences/Humanities Elective3
ENGL 150 or 2503Science Elective or MATH 1423
Soc. Sciences/Humanities Elective3LIB 1601
MATH 1453Elective (Optional for pre-professional year; not required for program application. If not taken in first year, add 3 cr. to a subsequent semester to meet the 150.0 credit total)3
 16.5 14
Second Year
L A 2016L A 2026
L A 2213L A 2743
L A 2411L A 2223
L A 2723L A 2823
L A 2813Elective3
 16 18
Third Year
L A 3016L A 3026
L A 3813L A 3411
L A 3733L A 3713
ENV S 1203Social Science/Humanities Electives3
ENGL 2503Math/Science Elective3
 18 16
Fourth Year
L A 4026One of the following:  
L A 4813L A 444A0
Social Science/Humanities Elective3L A 444B0
LA electives3L A 444C0
Communications (300 level English)3 
DSN S 301 (Rome option only)1 
 19 0
Fifth Year
L A 4016DSN S 5466
LA Electives3L A 4412
Social Science/Humanities Elective (300 level)6L A 4823
LA Electives3Electives/LA Electives3
 Professional Elective1
 18 15
Total Credits: 150.5

 Additionally: Each student needs to take 3 credits of a US Diversity (usually covered by LA 272) and 3 credits of an International Perspectives course (usually covered by LA 373). Students also need to take at least 6 credits of 300 level or above in the combined areas of communication, science, math, humanities, and social science (6 total from all the areas).