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Athletic Training, B.S.

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Athletic Training

BIOL 2553BIOL 2563
BIOL 255L1BIOL 256L1
ENGL 1503A TR 2211
KIN 2521A TR 2223
KIN 2531FS HN 1673
KIN 2540.5MATH 140-142, 150 OR 1652-4
H S 1103SOC 1343
LIB 1601 
PSYCH 101 2303 
 16.5 16-18
ENGL 2503CHEM 1634
A TR 2231CHEM 163L1
A TR 2243A TR 2263
A TR 2251A TR 2271
H S 2153A TR 2401
PHSY 111 or 1154KIN 2662
KIN 2582Humanities Choice3
 17 15
A TR 3233A TR 3263
A TR 3241A TR 3271
KIN 3553KIN 3583
STAT 101, 104, or 2263-4KIN 3653
Humanities Choice3H S 3503
Social Science Choice3SP CM 2123
 16-17 16
A TR 4253ENGL 302, 314, or SP CM 3123
KIN 3603KIN 4453
A TR 4503A TR 4891
A TR 4882H S 3052
Elective 3KIN 4803
 A TR 4882
 14 14
Total Credits: 124.5-127.5

Students must complete a 3-credit course in US Diversity and a 3-credit course in International Perspectives. Check ISU homepage for list of approved courses. You must complete a minimum of 46 credits in 300/400 level courses and a total of 124 credits for graduation. Foru year plans are arranged with courses in prerequisite sequence and within the term a course is usually offered. This is a SAMPLE plan - use the degree audit as "official" documentation of progress towards your degree.