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Early Childhood Education, B.S.

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Early Childhood Education, B.S.

HD FS 1023HD FS 2081
HD FS 1101HD FS 2403
C I 2043HD FS 103X0.5
LIB 1601HIST 221 (or HIST 222 or POL S 215)3-5
ENGL 1503MATH 1953
Humanities Option*3SP ED 2503
PSYCH 131recommended elective1Social Sciences Option*3
 15 16.5-18.5
HD FS 2243C I 245B2
MATH 1963C I 268B1
ENGL 2503C I 3323
C I 2013HD FS 2243
Physical Sciences Option*3Biological Sciences Option*3
Take Praxis I by October 15 Communication Option*3
 Apply to Teacher Education program 
 15 15
C I 377B4C I 433B2
SP ED 368B1SP ED 355B2
C I 468FB1C I 468IB1
C I 438B2C I 439B2
C I 468GB1SP ED 455B2
HD FS 3423HD FS 3453
HD FS 3404HD FS 3434
Finalize Degree Audit  
 16 16
HD FS 45548 credits:8
HD FS 4563 
Humanites Option*3HD FS 417CB8
Communications Options*30.5 credits:0.5
Humanities Option*3 
C I 4063 
H S 1052 
Electives, if needed1-3 credits, to equal 126 total credits1 
Take Praxis II prior to Licensing  
Apply to graduate  
Apply to student teaching  
 22 16.5
Total Credits: 132-134

This sheet provides a guide to the sequence of HD FS and C I courses; courses adhere to a prescribed sequence of semesters. Your academic advisor will help you develop an individual long range plan.

B=Block of courses listed together in the semester must be taken concurrently as sequenced

*=See approved ECE list of courses for options in Biological Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences

ISU requires a 3 credit U.S. Diversity course (satisfied by SP ED 250 or HD FS 240) and a 3 credit international perspective course (usually met through a University approved humanities or social science options from the ECE options list)