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Elementary Education, B.S.

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Elementary Education, B.S.

C I 2161C I 280N1
C I 2043Amer. History or Word History (will take both eventually)3
HD FS 1023MATH 1963
ENGL 1503SOC 1343
MATH 1953SP ED 2503
ASTRO 106X or GEOL 106X2CHEM 102L or PHYS 102L3
ASTRO 106L or GEOL 106L1 
LIB 1601 
 17 16
C I 2013C I 2452
HD FS 2263C I 2681
HD FS 240+3C I 3323
ENGL 2503Communications Option3
World History or Amer. History (will take both eventually)3Biological Science Option3
Math Option - STAT 101 highly recommended3Area of Specialization3
Take Praxis I exam by October 15 Eligibility for Admissions to Teacher Ed. 
 18 15
Literary Block I: Literacy Block II: 
C I 3774C I 3784
C I 468A1C I 468B1
C I 4483C I 4493
C I 468C1C I 468D1
-- -- 
C I 4063POL S 215^3
Area of Specialization3Related Methods*3
Humanities Option OR@3 
Finalize Degree Audit  
 18 15
C I 4433C I 416A8
Area of Specialization3C I 416B8
Area of Specialization3Student Teaching 
Related Methods3 
Aria of Specialization3 
Apply for Student Teaching  
Take Praxis II exam by November test date  
 15 16
Total Credits: 130



Will not meet State of Iowa  New EL ED licensure requirements beginning September 1, 2015. Must graduate, apply for, and be recommended for EL ED teacher licensure no later than Summer Session 2015. 

Do not take before Fall 2012. Might become required for ENGL/LA specialization only.


 C I ### - Geography for Teachers (3) required if graduating and applying for teacher licensure after August 2015.


 Put Pol S 215 off until here, if projected to graduate after August 2015, take C I ### Civic Lit. & Econ, to meet new requirements.


 All four Rel methods content areas must be met after August 2015.