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Nutritional Science, B.S. - Nutrition & wellness option

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Nutritional Science, B.S. - Nutrition & wellness option

First Year
FS HN 1101FS HN 1013
CHEM 163 or 1774FS HN 1673
CHEM 163L or 177L1BIOL 2123
BIOL 2113BIOL 212L1
BIOL 211L1MATH 140, 143, 160, 165, or 1813-4
ENGL 1503PSYCH 101 or 2303
LIB 1601 
 14 16-17
Second Year
FS HN 1112BIOL 173 or GLOBE 2013
FS HN 1151FS HN 2031
FS HN 264 (Or, BBMB 301, if organic chem. completed)3FS HN 2423
BIOL 2553FS HN 2653
BIOL 255L1BIOL 2563
ENGL 2503BIOL 256L1
Humanities course3 
 16 14
Third Year
FS HN 3643FS HN 3423
HORT 221 or AGRON 114 or GLOBE 3023FS HN 3612
SP CM 2123FS HN 3653
SOC 134 or POL S 3143FS HN 3663
STAT 101 or 1043-4Humanities (H Sci) or ENV S (AgLS)2-3
 15-16 16-17
Fourth Year
FS HN 4633FS HN 4032
POL S 3443FS HN 4801
MICRO 2012FS HN 4952
MICRO 201L1300-400 level elective course*3
300-400 level elective course*3300-400 level elective course*3
 15 14-15
Total Credits: 120-124

Choose elective courses to total 120 credits or more. At least 9 credits of electives must be 300-400 level courses.


This sequence is only an example. The number of credits taken each semester should be based on the individual student's situation. Factors that may affect credit hours per semester include student ability, employment, health, activities, and grade point consideration.