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Anthropology, B.A.

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ENGL 1503ANTHR 2023 
LIB 1601Minor Choice3 
ANTHR 2013Social Science Choice3 
Elective 3Natural Science Choce3 
Humanities Choice3Humanities Choice3 
Social Science Choice3  
 16 15
ANTHR 3083ANTHR 3063 
Foreign Language/International Perspective4Foreign Languages/International Perspective4 
Humanities Choice3ANTHR 300 Choice3 
ENGL 2503Minor Choice3 
ANTHR 300 Choice3Natural Science Choice3 
 16 16
ANTHR 4252ANTHR 3073 It is highly recommended that students complete a field school, internship, or study abroad experience during the summer between their junior and senior years however, this is not required for graduation. 
STAT 1014ANTHR 300 Choice3 
Humanitites Choice3ENGL 3093 
ANTHR 300 Choice3Minor Choice3 
Natural Science Choice3Additional Group Requirement3 
 15 15 0
ANTHR 4503ANTHR 300 Choice3 
Minor Choice3Minor Choice3 
ANTHR 300 Choice3Additional Writing Course3 
Additional Group Requirement3Elective 3 
 15 12
Total Credits: 120

LAS majors require a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits at the 300/400 level. Students in all ISU majors must complete a three-credit course in U.S. diversity and a three-credit course in international perspectives. Check ( for a list of approved courses.

Students in Anthropology have the option of pursuing a B.S. or a B.A. A B.S requires six additional group requirement credits in natural science or mathematics disciplines. A B.A. requires six additional group requirement credits in social or humanities disciplines.