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Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration, B.A.

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LAS 1011LIB 1601 
ENGL 1503Humanities3 
CHEM 1634BIOL 2123 
CHEM 163L1BIOL 212L1 
BIOL 2113ARTIS 2303 
BIOL 211L1Soc Sci Choice3 
DSN S 1314CHEM 231.231L or STAT or MATH3-4 
 17 17-18
Foreign Lang. or Humanities (ART 280)3-4For Lang or Social Sci3-4Consider study abroad or attending summer GNSI Workshops or a Biological Station to take advanced Biology Courses 
CHEM 231/231L or STAT or MATH3-4BPM I 3263 
BPM I 3233ARTIS 3303 
ENGL 2503Humanities3 
BIOL 2553BIOL 2563 
 15-17 15-16 0
BPM I 3273BPM I 3373 
Advanced Biology 3-4BIOL 3515 
ARTIS 3083Soc Sci3 
Humanities or Social Sci3ARTIS 2333 
Advanced Biology or Art or plant science3Humanities and Advanced Art3 
Work with BPMI advisory committee to plan senior project for portfolio   
If planning to attend graduate school, take GRE in Fall and prepare up to 20 portfolio pieces for submission in January   
 15-16 17
Advanced Biology3-5Advanced Biology3-4 
Advanced Art3-6Advanced Art3-6 
Humanities/Social Elective3Humanities/Social Sci/Elective3-6 
BPMI 4971ENGL 302-3163 
 10-15 12-19
Total Credits: 118-135

LAS majors require a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits at the 300-level and above. You must also satisfy the LAS foreign language requirement.