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Biophysics, B.S.

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BBMB 1011BBMB 1021
CHEM 201*5CHEM 2112
CHEM 201L*1CHEM 211L2
MATH 165**4MATH 1664
ENGL 15013BIOL 2113
LIB 16011BIOL 211L21
 COM S 2073
 15 16
CHEM 3313CHEM 3323
MATH 2654MATH 2663
BIOL 2123PHYS 2225
PHYS 2215ENGL 25013
 15 14
BBMB 40433CHEM 3253
CHEM 3243CHEM 322L63
LAS Foreign Language Requirement14MATH 307 or MATH 3173-4
Science Elective 300+53LAS General Education Requirement13
 LAS Foreign Language Requirement14
 13 16-17
BBMB 4114BBMB 461 (BBMB 561L optional)2
Science Elective 300+53Biological Science Elective53
STAT 305 or STAT 2314LAS General Educaton Requirement13
LAS General Education Requirement13LAS General Educaton Requirement13
LAS General Education Requirement13LAS General Education Requirement13
BBMB 490 or 4997 BBMB 490 or 4997 
 17 14
Total Credits: 120-121

General Chemistry I and II (177, 177n or 177l and 178) are acceptable substitutes for CHEM 201 and 201L.

Chemistry assessment required for placement into CHEM 201.


Math assessment is required. Student not ready for calculus will be enrolled in MATH 142.


Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) General Education Requirements include a minimum of:

12 cr. Arts and Humanities, 9 cr. Social Sciences and 11 cr Natural Sciences (8 cr.) and Math (3 cr.)

Students in all ISU majors must complete a 3-cr. course in U.S. Diversity and a 3-cr. course in International Perspectives. Discuss with your adviser how the two courses you select can be applied to address general education requirements. Check for a list of approved courses at:

Foreign Language Requirement:  (


One Biology laboratory course is required. Choose BIOL 211L, 212L, or 313L.


Students have the option of choosing the senior level biochemistry sequence for 5 credits (BBMB 404 and BBMB 405) or the graduate-level biochemistry sequence for 8 credits (BBMB 501 and BBMB 502).


Undergraduate study or research, BBMB 490 or 499, is recommended but not required. Credit value is variable.


Four credits of electives in Biological Sciences is required.


CHEM 321L + BBMB 561L may be taken as a substitute for CHEM 322L.