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Economics, B.S.

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Economics, B.S.

ECON 1013ECON 1023
ENGL 1503ECON 207a3
LIB 1601Arts and Humanities3
MATH 160a4Natural Science3
Arts and Humanites3Social Science3
Natural Science3 
 17 15
ECON 3014ECON 3023
ENGL 2503STAT 326b3
STAT 226b3Elective or Foreign Language4
LAS 201 or Elective1Social Science 3
Elective or Foreign Language4Natural Science2
 15 15
ECON 3714ECON 400-4893
ECON 230-289, 300-389, or 400-4893Electives9
Arts and Humanities3International or Diversity3
International or Diversity3 
 15 15
ECON 400-4893ECON 400-4893
ENGL 302 or 3143ECON 4920
Arts and Humanities3Electives10
 15 13
Total Credits: 120

Students in all ISU majors must complete a three-credit course in both U.S. diversity and in International Perspectives. The two courses may simultaneously meet the following graduation requirements: Social Science, Arts/Humanities, ECON 400-489, or Econ courses from approved list. Please discuss with our advisor.

LAS majors require a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits at the 300/400 level. Three of the required 45 credits at the 300+ level must be earned in a general education group outside the group of your major. Econ majors must meet or complete the LAS foreign language requirement.  In addition, Econ majors must earn a minimum of 15 credits from courses taught by the Department of Economics at ISU.


MATH 165 (Calculus I) and MATH 166 (Calculus II) may be substituted for MATH 160 and ECON 207.


STAT 341 (Introduction to Theory of Probability & Stats I) and STAT 342 (Introduction to Theory of Probability & Stats II) may be substituted for STAT 226 and 326.