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Journalism and Mass Communication, B.A., B.S.

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ENGL 1503U.S Diversity 3 
JL MC 1101LIB 1601 
JL MC 1013Arts and Humanities3 
Arts and Humanities3Social Science3 
Natural Science3Natural Science3 
Social Science3Elective3 
 16 16
ENGL 2503JL MC 2013 
Social Science3JL MC 220 - 3543 
Foreign Language or Elective4Foreign Language or Elective4 
Natural Science2Arts and Humanities3 
 15 14
JL MC 202, 206 or 3213JL MC 200 - 3543JL MC 4991-3
Arts and Humanities3JL MC - 400-leve3 
DAC3DAC - 300+3 
Elective - 300+3STAT 1014 
 15 16 1-3
JL MC 220 - 3543JL MC 220 - 343 
JL MC 4603400-level3 
DAC - 300+3DAC - 300+3 
International Perspectives - 300+3DAC - 300+3 
Elective - 300+3  
 15 12
Total Credits: 120-122

Students in all ISU majors must complete a three-credit course in U.S. diversity and a three-credit course in international perspectives. Check ( for a list of approved courses.

LAS majors require a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits at the 300-level and above. Students must also complete the LAS foreign language requirement and any high school unmet admission requirements.


Students must pass the School administered English Usage Test (EUT) in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Students entering the School as freshmen pre-advertising or pre-journalism and mass communications majors, whose entrance is not accompanied by a pre-entrance score on the ACT-E of 26 or higher, or an SAT-V score of 590 or higher, will have one calendar year from the start of their first term as a Pre-Advrt or Pre-Jl MC major to meet the requirement for the English Usage Test.
  • Students entering the School as transfer students, either from other institutions or from within Iowa State, must pass the School's English Usage Test or provide evidence of having received a score on the ACT-E of 26 or higher, or SAT-V of 590 or higher, by the end of their second full academic term in the School as a pre-major.

JL MC majors need a broad-based academic background that the School seeks to ensure by requiring a Designated Area of Concentration (DAC made up of 21 credits with at least 12 credits from the 300-level or above of coursework outside Greenlee. The DAC is a secondary area of expertise make up of courses selected and designed by the student, with adviser approval,m to complement the student's academic and career interest. A second major outside of Advrt or Jl MC may substitute for the DAC.