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Meteorology, B.S. - plan 1

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Path 1 for students preparing to start in calculus

CHEM 163 or 17714MTEOR 2063
CHEM 163L or 177L11MATH 1664
ENGL 1503PHYS 2215
LIB 1601Humanities/Social Science Choice3
MATH 1654 
MTEOR 1111 
MTEOR 1121 
Humanities/Social Science Choice3 
 18 15
MATH 2654MATH 2663
MTEOR 2010MTEOR 3014
MTEOR 2273SP CM 2123
ENGL 2503STAT 1053
PHYS 2225Humanities/Social Science Choice3
 15 16
MTEOR 3112MTEOR 3423
MTEOR 3413MTEOR 4433
Foreign Language/Elective4-3Foreign Language/Elective4-3
Humanities/Social Science Choice3ENGL 3093
Humanities/Social Science3Humanities/Social Science Choice3
 15-14 16-15
MTEOR 4113MTEOR 4173
MTEOR 4543MTEOR 4323
MTEOR 4992Meteorlogy Elective/Elective Choice2,33
Meteorology Elective/elective Choice2,33Meteorology Elective/Elective Choice2,33
Meteorlogy Elective/Elective choice2,33Humanities/Social Science Choice3
 14 15
Total Credits: 124-122

LAS majors require a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits at the 300/400 level. You must also complete the Communication Proficiency and LAS World Language Requirements. Six semesters of one foreign language in high school satisfies the World Language requirement.

Students in all ISU majors must complete a 3 credit course in U.S. diversity and a 3 -credit course in international perspectives. Discuss with your adviser how the two courses that you select can be applied to address general education requirements. Check for a list of approved courses at:


Students taking CHEM 177 should plan to take CHEM 178 as well.


Student must select at least 9 credits from a list of optional courses.


Students should select a humanities or social science course based on need. If these LAS requirements have been satisfied, students may select a meteorology elective or alternate course. Students should discuss possible alternate course options with their adviser.