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Music, B.Mus. - vocal: K-12 certification

This is an archived copy of the 2015-2016 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit

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MUSIC 1192MUSIC 1192
MUSIC 12711MUSIC 1203
MUSIC 2243MUSIC 12811
MUSIC 2252MUSIC 2343
Choral Ensemble1MUSIC 2351
MUSIC 358A20Choral Ensemble1
ENGL 150c3MUSIC 358A20
HIST 2213SP CM 212c3
Math course3MUSIC 266c2
LIB 160c1MUSIC 280K0.5
 19 16.5
MUSIC 2192MUSIC 2192
MUSIC 22711MUSIC 22811
MUSIC 3343MUSIC 2482
MUSIC 3351MUSIC 3443
MUSIC 361 (even falls) or PSYCH 230 (off falls)++2-3MUSIC 3451
MUSIC 3833Choral Ensemble1
Choral Ensemble1MUSIC 360(even springs)++2
MUSIC 358A20MUSIC 362A (odd springs) or MUSIC 367 (even springs)++2
ENGL 2503MUSIC 3843
C I 2043PSYCH 230 (odd springs) or C I 333 (even springs)3
PHYS 1983MUSIC 358A20
 Continuation Exam 
 22-23 20
MUSIC 3192MUSIC 3192
Choral Ensemble1MUSIC 3272
MUSIC 366c2Choral Ensemble1
MUSIC 480Kc1Adv. History/Theory*3
Adv. History/Theory*3MUSIC 3602
MUSIC 358A20MUSIC 362A (odd springs) or MUSIC 367 (even spring)++2
MUSIC 361 (even falls) or C I 333 (odd falls)++2-3MUSIC 358A+0
SP ED 401c3MUSIC 480K1
World Language World Language 
 General Education - Science3
 14-15 16
MUSIC 466c2MUSIC 417S8
Choral Ensemble1 
MUSIC 3013 
MUSIC 4652 
MUSIC 358A20 
Humanities Requirement3 
C I 4263 
MUSIC 480Kc1 
C I 4063 
MUSIC 4200 
 20 16
Total Credits: 143.5-145.5

A placement examination in keyboard skills determines the student's placement in the Class Study in Piano courses. Students with a concentration in piano or organ do not take Class Study in Piano.


Lab Ensemble is required every semester offered: Fall and odd springs.


These courses which appear in the same semester must be taken concurrently.


Alternate year courses: The usual semester of offering is indicated by the calendar year (odd or even) of the semester. Consult the current catalog and the department web site for up-to-date information about semesters courses are offered. Psych 230 and C I 333 are offered every semester; when they are taken is determined by the schedules o the alternate year music courses.

The LAS World Language requirements must be met. The U.S. diversity and international perspectives requirements are automatically met with courses required for this degree option (C I 406 and MUSIC 383).


Advanced theory and history courses (music education major requires 1 history, 1 theory) are not offered every semester. Semesters of offerings are listed in the course descriptions in the catalog at:

Flexibility in scheduling. Many general education courses can easily be taken in different semesters than indicated. Music courses are best kept in the order/semesters indicated (Most music courses are offered on semester each year).