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Women’s Studies, B.A., B.S. (1)

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ENGL 1503Math Choice3
LIB 1601W S 20123
Foreing Language/Minor/Second Major14Foreign Language/Minor/Second Major4
Humanities Choice3Humanities Choice3
Natural Science Choice3Social Science Choice3
Social Science Choice3 
 17 16
W S 30113Women's Studies Choices - 200/300 Level6
Minor/Second Major Choice3Minor/Second Major Choice3
Humanities Choice3Humanities Choice3
ENGL 2503Social Science Choice3
Natural Science Choice3 
 15 15
Women's Studies Choice - 300/400 Level3Women's Studies Core Course Choices - 300/400 Level3
Minor/Second Major Choice - 300/400 Level6Minor/Second Major Choice - 300/400 Level6
Natural Science Choice3Minor/Second Major Choice3
W S 4013Women's Studies Choice - 300/400 Level3
 15 15
Women's Studies Choice - 300/400 Level6Electives4
W S 491 or W S 49923Second Major/Electives6
Second Major/Elective3Women's Studies Choice - 300/400 Level3
Minor/Second Major Choice - 300/400 Level3 
 15 13
Total Credits: 121

Students in all ISU majors must complete a three-credit course in U.S. diversity and a three-credit course in international perspectives. Check ( for a list of approved courses. Discuss with your adviser how the two courses that you select can be applied to your graduation plan.

LAS majors require a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits at the 300/400 level. You must also complete the LAS foreign language requirement.


A minor or second major is required. The degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science will be determined by the student's choice of the minor or second major.


Required course.