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BBMB 561: Molecular Biophysics

(Dual-listed with BBMB 461). (2-0) Cr. 2. S.

Prereq: Credit or enrollment in MATH 166 and CHEM 178 and PHYS 222 or PHYS 112.
Physical methods for the study of molecular structure and organization of biological materials. X-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, hydrodynamics and fluorescence spectroscopy. Registration for the graduate credit commits the student to graduate-level examinations, which differ from undergraduate-level examinations in the number and/or difficulty of questions.

Biochemistry and Biophysics

...DOC). Required graduate courses are BBMB 504, 505, 506, 507, 561 and 561L. The student...


...BBMB 404, BBMB 405, BBMB 542A-G, BBMB...524, AGRON 528, AGRON 561, AGRON 600A, AGRON...