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DSN S 183: Design in Context

(3-0) Cr. 3.

Explores designed media, objects, places, spaces, structures, and systems as products of varied and often intersecting contexts. Using historical and contemporary case studies, investigates how cultural, economic, environmental, spatial, social, and temporal contexts, among others, affect design. Explores in particular how design addresses complex and multifaceted problems.

Integrated Studio Arts

...DSN S 102, DSN S 110 or 115, DSN S 131, and DSN S 183...


...credits, including the following courses: DSN S 102, 131, 183, 110 or 115, 6 credits...

Design Studies

...DsnS 102), Design Representation (DsnS 131), Design Cultures (DsnS 183) and Design Collaborative (Dsn S...