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Biomedical Engineering

...discipline (MATE 273; E M 274 or 324; CH E 210; E E 201, 230...

Mechanical Engineering

...from 400-level M E technical electives. No...ME Foundations GPA) : ME 324, ME 325, ME...

E M 324: Mechanics of Materials

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.SS.

Prereq: E M 274
Plane stress, plane strain, stress-strain relationships, and elements of material behavior. Application of stress and deformation analysis to members subject to centric, torsional, flexural, and combined loadings. Elementary considerations of theories of failure, buckling.

M E 324: Manufacturing Engineering

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.SS.

Prereq: M E 270, E M 324, MAT E 273 and M E 324L
Fundamentals of manufacturing processes including forming, machining, casting and welding with emphasis on design considerations in manufacturing. Mechanical behavior of metallic materials. Modern manufacturing practices.