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Energy Systems Minor

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I E 413: Stochastic Modeling, Analysis and Simulation

(4-0) Cr. 4. F.

Prereq: MATH 267, STAT 231
Development and analysis of simulation models using a simulation language. Application to various areas of manufacturing and service systems such as assembly, material handling, and customer queues. Utilizing model output to make important business decisions. Fitting of data to statistical distributions. Introduction to Markov processes and other queuing models.

MAT E 413: Materials Design and Professional Practice I

(2-2) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: Senior Classification in Mat E
Fundamentals of materials engineering design, information sources, team behavior, professional preparation, quantitative design including finite-element analysis and computer aided design, materials selection, informatics and combinatorial methods. Analysis of design problems, development of solutions, selected case studies. Oral presentation skills. Preparations for spring project.