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STAT 201: Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods

(3-2) Cr. 4. S.

Prereq: Credit or enrollment in MATH 165
Statistical thinking and applications of statistical concepts and methods in modern society. Display and summary of categorical and numerical data. Exploring relationships between variables, association, correlation, and regression. Observational studies and experiments. Probability concepts, random variables, discrete and continuous distributions. Elements of statistical inference; estimation and hypothesis testing. Credit for only one of the following courses may be applied toward graduation: STAT 101, STAT 104, STAT 105, STAT 201, or STAT 226.

Statistics statistics (STAT 101, 104, 105, 201, 226, 231, 305, 322 or 330); STAT 301...

Community and Regional Planning

...Biol. Sciences: 13 cr. STAT 101 Principles completing both CRP 201 (The North American...