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STAT 407: Methods of Multivariate Analysis

(2-2) Cr. 3. F.

Prereq: STAT 301 or STAT 326 or STAT 401, knowledge of matrix algebra
Techniques for displaying and analyzing multivariate data including plotting high-dimensional data using interactive graphics; comparing group mean vectors using Hotelling's T2; multivariate analysis of variance; reducing variable dimension with principal components; identifying factors with exploratory factor analysis; grouping observations with multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis; and classification using discriminant analysis, logistic regression, classification trees, and random forests. Introduction to the R statistical software package.


...methods): AGRON 526, STAT 401, STAT 402, STAT 407, STAT 505, STAT 512, CRP 551...


...9 additional credits from STAT 341, 342, 361, 402, 404, 406, 407, 421, 430, 432...