Learning and Leadership Sciences Minor

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Learning and Leadership Sciences Minor

The Learning and Leadership Sciences minor provides an opportunity for students to engage in productive thinking, enabling them to lead in their professions and contribute to society and their communities.

The coursework builds on the curriculum of a student's primary discipline to enhance student leadership abilities throughout their academic career and beyond. Students will enhance their abilities to engage in productive thinking, such as critical, analytical, and creative thinking in problem-solving; discern the types of thinking required when presented with new situations; and use different types of thinking to address issues and situations as professionals and citizens. Core courses in the minor address eight competency areas that are critical for leaders: 1) understanding self and personal responsibility for learning, 2) understanding worthy team membership, 3) developing productive thinking and creative problem  solving abilities, 4) developing resiliency, 5) negotiating and resolving conflict, 6) action planning for providing service, 7) communicating, and 8) recognizing and acting on the obligation to "do" leadership every day.

Students in the Learning and Leadership Sciences Minor will ultimately achieve these learning outcomes by uncovering and practicing:

  • habits of deep self-reflection about learning and application of these habits to their professional and community lives;
  • effective interaction with others in professional and community settings, including abilities to listen actively, communicate clearly, resolve conflicts, and negotiate desired outcomes;
  • habits of professional thinking, including accountability, initiative, innovation, resilience, tolerance, and profound respect for others.
L L S 112Foundations of Learning and Productive Team Membership2
L L S 114Developing Responsible Learners and Effective Leaders2
L L S 212Habits of Mind and Decision-Making in Leadership2
L L S 312Problem Solving and Action Planning in Leadership3
L L S 412Learning and Leadership in Practice3
At least three additional credits from the following courses (or others) as per personal plan of study:
AESHM 211Leadership Experiences and Development (LEAD)3
AGEDS 315Personal, Professional, and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Agriculture3
FS HN 342World Food Issues: Past and Present3
HD FS 270Family Communications and Relationships3
MGMT 371Organizational Behavior3
M S 202LBasic Leadership Laboratory IV1
NREM 460Controversies in Natural Resource Management3
PSYCH 230Developmental Psychology3
PSYCH 280Social Psychology3
PSYCH 310Brain and Behavior3
PSYCH 313Learning and Memory3
SOC 305Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective3
SOC 330Ethnic and Race Relations3
SOC 464Strategies for Community Engagement3