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Courses primarily for undergraduates:

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.

Introduction to the phenomenon of design thinking as it appears in various design fields, including methodologies of reasoning and problem solving; patterns of creativity and individual style; and the interaction of art, science, and technology.

(0-8) Cr. 4. F.

Prereq: Completion of College of Design Core Program.
Integration of contemporary strategies, methods, and approaches to design. Move through cycles of ideation, iteration, communication and revision, including the use of non-traditional materials and processes. Emphasis on the specific issues of interdisciplinary design practices and an ethical understanding of the materials of drawing.

(0-8) Cr. 4. S.

Prereq: Completion of College of Design Core Program.
Development and practice of mental flexibility in creative processes leading to high-quality design solutions and develop fluency in "bias toward action." Move conceptual works quickly into visible and tangible forms that can be shared, tested, and evaluated based of quality. Multiple studio projects that will move at a fast pace and be iterative.

(2-0) Cr. 2. Repeatable, maximum of 6 credits. F.S.SS.

Prereq: DSN S 102, DSN S 131, DSN S 183 and credit or concurrent enrollment in DES 230
Introduction of themes and issues that are relevant to the design fields through theoretical readings, case studies, and visiting lecturers.

Cr. R. Repeatable.

Prereq: Enrollment in or 2 credits of DES 240.
Off-campus tours of areas of interest within the design professions such as design offices, museums, buildings, and neighborhoods. Offered on a satisfactory-fail basis only.

(3-0) Cr. 3. S.

Prereq: DSN S 102 or DSN S 183 or 3 credits of ART H or equivalent.
Students will learn to interpret, analyze and evaluate visual materials, use images and text effectively to communicate ideas, and understand issues surrounding the creation and use of images and visual media for design critique. Precedent study and critique of sample student design work to understand principles of visual literacy and how to apply them to the presentation of design work. Emphasis on peer-to-peer discussion and in-class participation. Lecture and discussion format.

(Cross-listed with DSN S). (3-0) Cr. 3. S.

Prereq: DSN S 232 or equivalent.
Introduction to various time-based digital media tools to develop basic skills including sequencing, storytelling, animation, sound editing, and video production.

(0-8) Cr. 2. Repeatable.

Prereq: 4 credits of DES 240 or equivalent.
Half-semester course. Studio projects of increasing complexity requiring interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary challenges and opportunities. Continued development of students' abilities to generate ideas and communicate those ideas visually, orally, and through writing. Field trip.

(2-4) Cr. 4. F.

Prereq: classification as DES major; 4 credits of DES 240
Preparation of printed and online portfolio of student work and materials for job search and/or graduate school applications. Guidance for interviewing, professional networking, business etiquette, and resume writing. Workshops and lectures.

(1-6) Cr. 4. S.

Prereq: classification as DES major; 2 credits of DES 340
Launchpad to design careers. Comprehensive interdisciplinary design work in three areas: design research, design management, design leadership. Demonstration of design skills and project planning and development.