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A B E 201: Preparing for Workplace Seminar

(Cross-listed with TSM). (1-0) Cr. 1. F.S.

Prereq: Sophomore classification in AE, AST, BSE, or I TEC
8 week course. Professionalism in the context of the engineering/technical workplace. Development of intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities including talent assessment; key workplace competency demonstration; leadership practice assessment; preparation of resume; cover letter preparation and behavioral-based interviewing; readiness for internship attainment.

Biomedical Engineering Minor

Minor supervised by an interdisciplinary faculty committee, administered by the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. The Biomedical Engineering minor is a unique opportunity for engineering students to acquire a multi-disciplinary engineering and life sciences background for entering the field of biomedical engineering.

Chemical Engineering

For undergraduate curriculum in chemical engineering leading to the degree bachelor of science. The Chemical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, .

World Languages and Cultures

...Studies A. Required Core Courses (9 credits) B...or 300-level (e.g., 201 and 202...

Actuarial Science

Actuaries have a deep...government, energy, e-commerce...of science (B.S...104, 105, 201, 231...