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A B E 451: Food and Bioprocess Engineering

(Dual-listed with A B E 551). (3-0) Cr. 3. S.

Prereq: A B E 216 and credit or enrollment in M E 436 or CH E 357; or FS HN 351 and MATH 266 or MATH 267
Application of engineering principles and mathematical modeling to the quantitative analysis of transport phenomena in food and bioprocesses. Physical/chemical characteristics of foods and biological materials and systems, flow processes, thermal processes, cooling/freezing processes, dehydration processes and separation processes.

Animal Ecology

The Animal Ecology curriculum provides its majors with an understanding of ecological principles and processes and their applications to natural resource management. This major is oriented toward students desiring a general and flexible program in environmental biology and for those planning graduate study. Graduates find employment as aquaculturists, aquatic ecologists, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, resource managers, and ecologists for industry, environmental consulting firms, natural resource and environmental agencies and organizations, zoos, and as educators.  Graduates are able to communicate and work effectively in the multidisciplinary arena of ecology and natural resource management.  Additionally, they recognize the importance of ethics in their field of study and are sensitive to cultural diversity and broad environmental concerns. 

Criminal Justice

...Criminal Justice, B.A. Criminal...justice (i.e., theories about...406, 410, 451, 470, 484...