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AN S 496: Agricultural Travel Course

Cr. arr. Repeatable.

Prereq: Permission of instructor, 30 college credits
Limited enrollment. Students enroll in both An S 496 and Agron 496. Tour and study of production methods in major crop and livestock regions of the world. Influence of climate, economics, geography, soils, landscapes, markets, and other factors on livestock and crop production. Locations and duration of tours will vary. Summer tour will usually visit a northern location and winter tour will usually visit a southern location. Information usually available 9 months before departure. Tour expenses paid by students.

Political Science

The study of political science is designed to enable students to understand the nature of politics, public values, and policy, as well as the institutions and processes that produce these outcomes.


...include an evaluation of the student's mastery...370 , AGRON 490 , AGRON 496 ; but only one...