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DES 250: Design Intersections

(3-0) Cr. 3. Repeatable, maximum of 6 credits.

Themes and issues that are relevant to the creative technologies used in art and design fields through guest artists, scientists, developers and corporate leaders.

Interdisciplinary Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Design is a 123-credit non-professional undergraduate degree program that combines design studios and the liberal arts in a four-year curriculum focused on educating students to use design and critical thinking skills to generate ideas, solve complex problems and be creative and innovative makers. The program provides each student flexibility in exploring across multiple disciplines to learn design methods, theory, and application that drive the design process. The core of the degree program is a series of lectures, seminars, and studios. Students have hands-on experiences grappling with design challenges that vary in complexity and scale. Courses are taught by faculty from multiple design disciplines. Seniors complete a capstone project, called Launchpad, and a portfolio and professional development course in preparation for graduate school or the job market. The program works well with a second major or a minor, can be completed on a part-time schedule, and is transfer-friendly. Students with transfer credit should speak to academic advisor about how these credits can apply to degree requirements.

Management Information Systems

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Business Analytics

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