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E E 459: Electromechanical Wind Energy Conversion and Grid Integration

(Dual-listed with E E 559). (3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: Credit or enrollment in E E 452, E E 456
Summary of industry status and expected growth; power extraction from the air stream; operation and modeling of electric machines, and power electronics topologies for wind energy conversion; analysis of machine-grid power electronic circuits, controller interface, and collector (distribution) networks; treatment of harmonics, flicker, over/under-voltages, filters, low-voltage ride-through, and reactive compensation; relaying; effects on transmission expansion, planning and grid operation and coordination including variability, frequency control, reserves, and electricity markets; overview of storage technologies and hybrid configurations.

Energy Systems Minor

...Analysis II E E 458 Economic Systems for Electric Power Planning E E 459 Electromechanical...