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Energy Systems Minor

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E E 559: Electromechanical Wind Energy Conversion and Grid Integration

(Dual-listed with E E 459). (3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: Credit or enrollment in E E 452, E E 456
Summary of industry status and expected growth; power extraction from the air stream; operation and modeling of electric machines, and power electronics topologies for wind energy conversion; analysis of machine-grid power electronic circuits, controller interface, and collector (distribution) networks; treatment of harmonics, flicker, over/under-voltages, filters, low-voltage ride-through, and reactive compensation; relaying; effects on transmission expansion, planning and grid operation and coordination including variability, frequency control, reserves, and electricity markets; overview of storage technologies and hybrid configurations.

C E 559: Transportation Infrastructure/Asset Management

(3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: C E 355
Engineering management techniques for maintaining and managing infrastructure assets. Systematic approach to management through value engineering, engineering economics, and life cycle cost analysis. Selection and scheduling of maintenance activities. Analysis of network-wide resource needs. Project level analysis.

CPR E 559: Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

(Cross-listed with COM S). (3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: COM S 352 or CPR E 308; COM S 486 or CPR E 489 or CPR E 530
Introduction to cloud computing concepts and systems. Security and privacy threats in cloud computing. Practical techniques for cloud computing security. Theoretical and practical solutions for secure outsourcing of data and computation. Oral presentations and research projects.