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Energy Systems Minor

...Systems E E 559 Electromechanical Wind Energy Conversion and Grid Integration E M 570 Wind...

E M 570: Wind Engineering

(Cross-listed with AER E). (3-0) Cr. 3. Alt. S., offered odd-numbered years.

Prereq: A B E 378, M E 345
Atmospheric circulations, atmospheric boundary layer wind, bluff-body aerodynamics, aeroelastic phenomena, wind-tunnel and full-scale testing, wind-load code and standards, effect of tornado and thunderstorm winds, design applications.

M E 570: Solid Modeling and GPU Computing

Cr. 3. Alt. F., offered even-numbered years.

Prereq: M E 170 and M E 419, or Instructor Permission
Theory and applications of solid modeling and introduction to parallel computing using the graphic processing unit (GPU). Topics include solid modeling fundamentals, representations of solid geometry, introduction to parallel programming using CUDA, and applications of GPU algorithms. Design and analysis software include SolidWorks and programming using either C or Python, and NVIDIA CUDA.