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ENTSP 320: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management

(Cross-listed with MGMT). Cr. 3. Repeatable, maximum of 2 times. F.S.

Prereq: MGMT 310
Entrepreneurial approaches aimed at the identification, development and exploitation of technical and organizational innovations, the management of new product or process developments, and the effective management of new ventures in the context of mid-size to large corporations in manufacturing as well as in service industries. Development of an awareness and understanding of the range, scope, and complexity of issues related to the creation of a corporate environment that is supportive of entrepreneurial endeavors as well as to gain insights concerning the effective implementation of technological and organizational innovations in corporate settings.

Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary minor that provides opportunities for students to learn about entrepreneurship—the process of creating value through recognizing and developing opportunities. It serves to complement the student’s major area of study, in any college, by offering a means of putting theory and science into practice. The goal of the Entrepreneurship minor is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to create value through recognizing and developing opportunities. In addition to feasibility analysis and business planning, the minor deals with the topics of innovation, opportunity recognition, technology transfer, industry analysis, and competitive strategy. Although the minor introduces some fundamental concepts from accounting, finance, marketing, and management, it does not attempt to substitute for any business courses in these areas.

Ivy College of Business

...3 credits), either ENTSP 313 Feasibility Analysis and Business Planning or ENTSP 320 Corporate Entrepreneurship...