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GER 378: German Film and Media Studies

(3-0) Cr. 3-4. S.

Prereq: Sophomore classification. For fourth credit, 6 credits in German at the 300 level
Analysis and interpretation of film or media in German society. Study of media production and reception within multicultural and global contexts. Thematic emphases based on faculty and student interest including: 1) film directors, genres, movements (e.g. New German Cinema), aesthetics, and cinematography or 2) media studies (e.g. television, mass press, popular culture). Three credits: English, open to all students. Four credits: required for German concentration credit, supplementary readings and compositions in German. Counts towards the World Film Studies Minor.
Meets International Perspectives Requirement.

World Languages and Cultures

...beyond the intermediate ( GER 201 - GER 202 ) level...370, FRNCH 375, FRNCH 378 and/or FRNCH...