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L A 301: Site Design II

(0-12) Cr. 6. F.

Prereq: L A 202
Development of half-acre to hundred-acre landscape design and planning proposals, potentially in collaboration with students in other programs. Apply critical methodological frameworks to shape site systems while providing appropriate support for diverse user groups and creating culturally meaningful places. Assess and interpret a program of use, organize subjective and objective site inventory and analysis, develop functional and poetic design strategies for infrastructure and natural systems, and craft artistic and functionally explicit landscape architectural proposals. Development of appropriate technique and high level of craft in representations to support design thinking process and final scheme presentation.

World Languages and Cultures

...B.A. for general requirements. W.L.C...202 or 301 and 302) with a grade...

Computing Applications Certificate

...and Computational Biology L A 211 Digital Design...301 Intermediate Statistical Concepts and Methods PSYCH 301...