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M S 101: Introduction to Military Science

(1-0) Cr. 1. F.

Prereq: Concurrent enrollment in M S 101L required
Examines the role of a Cadet in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps and a Lieutenant in the United States Army. The course explores a military culture whose ultimate success is determined by the character and proficiency of its' leaders. Instruction introduces students to the cultural heritage and history of the U.S. Army. Students will begin to understand the structure of the U.S. Army and how it functions as an organization and institution. The curriculum promotes the development of students' communication skills to enhance their ability to transmit ideas. The class examines how the Army's cultural values drive the development of leadership in the Officer Corps. Hands-on activities enable students to gain insight on the skills and abilities required of cadets and officers interacting with civilians and soldiers.

Military Science Program

The Military Science Department is embedded within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as an interdisciplinary program, but does not offer an academic degree. The mission of the department is derived directly from regulations governing Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AROTC), which are issued by the U.S. Army Cadet Command and U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and cannot be modifiable by this department.

Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management program offers study for the degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in hospitality management. As the only 4-year hospitality program in the state of Iowa, the program prepares undergraduate students with essential principles of managing a variety of hospitality organizations, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, and foodservice companies. Students also develop expertise in managing diverse areas, such as: (a) food/beverage management, (b) lodging management, (c) senior living management, and (d) tourism and attractions.  

Graduate College

...leading to the M.S. or Ph.D...the English 99 and 101 series. This course...


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...M.S. degree before completing the this sequence, GEOL 101 or GEOL 201...


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