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M S 102: Structure and Function of the U.S. Army

(1-0) Cr. 1. S.

Prereq: Concurrent enrollment in M S 102L required
Instructs students on the fundamental skills and proficiencies required of Cadets in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps and Officers in the United States Army. Allows students to explore the Army culture whose ultimate success is determined by the character and proficiency of its' leaders. Students will gain an insight to the effects of human behavior and communication on the function of the Army's basic unit structures. Special focus is given to the emphasis the Army puts on the development and character of the leader and how that affects the culture and operation of the Army as an institution. Students will develop an understanding of the role that morals and ethics play in becoming an Army Officer and leading American Soldiers. Introduction to basic officer/soldier skills will elucidate the complex role of the Officer in the modern Army.

School of Education

...earn an M.S. or an Other: HD FS 102 or PSYCH 230...

World Languages and Cultures

...For the M.A. or M.S.: Three...receive credit for 101-102 in those languages...


...leading to the M.S. or Ph.D...230 or HD FS 102, PYSCH 333, and...