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M S 302: Applied Leadership

(3-0) Cr. 3. S.

Prereq: Completion of the basic Military Science program, concurrent enrollment in M S 302L and permission of the Chair of the Military Science Department
Prepares students to attend the Leadership Develop and Assessment Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky in which they will be assigned specific and situational tasks to accomplish by providing purpose, motivation, and direction to fellow students across the nation. Students will learn how to identify sixteen leadership dimensions in the under classmen and provide specific feedback on their leadership behaviors. Students will develop their oral communication skills about the plans developed by the class, through small group presentation settings. Students will develop methods of studying human behavior.

Computer Science

The undergraduate curriculum in Computer Science leading to the Bachelor of Science degree is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, . This degree equips students with a sound knowledge of the foundations of Computer Science as well as problem-solving and system design skills necessary to create robust, efficient, reliable, scalable, and flexible software systems. The B.S. degree in Computer Science prepares students for graduate study in Computer Science and for various business, industry, and government positions including computer scientists, information technologists, and software developers.  The main educational objectives of the Computer Science program at Iowa State University are that its graduates demonstrate expertise, engagement, and learning within two to five years after graduation.


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Physics and Astronomy

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