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...earn an M.S. or an M.Ed...3 credits SP ED 401 Teaching Secondary Students...

World Languages and Cultures

...For the M.A. or M.S.: in courses numbered 401, 402, and 403...

B M S 401: Intro to Aquatic Animal Medicine

(Cross-listed with A ECL). (1-2) Cr. 1. S.

8-week course. Introductory course with focus on fin fish production, health and medicine. Course content will help define future roles for veterinarians, producers, and service providers. Emphasis will be placed on water-evaluation, anatomy, pathology, infectious diseases, nutrition, regulatory constraints in production, food safety, biosecurity and current research. Field trip to aquaculture facility.

M S 401: Seminar: The Military Team

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.

Prereq: Completion of the basic program, concurrent enrollment in M S 401L and permission of the Chair of the Military Science Department
Develops student proficiency in analyzing and evaluating leadership behaviors, such as values, attributes, skills, and actions. Students are given situational opportunities to assess leadership and provide feedback to other students placed in leadership roles. Students will be measured by their ability to both give and receive systematic and specific feedback on leadership behaviors. Students will develop their ability to communicate thoughts and ideas orally through small group presentations and group discussions. Students will supervise and evaluate the planning and execution of complex operations within a military organizational structure.