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MAT E 314: Kinetics and Phase Equilibria in Materials

(3-0) Cr. 3. S.

Prereq: MAT E 216, MAT E 311
Kinetic phenomena and phase equilibria relevant to the origins and stability of microstructure in metallic, ceramic and polymeric systems. Application of thermodynamics to the understanding of stable and metastable phase equilibria, interfaces and their effects on stability: defects and diffusion, empirical rate equations for transformation kinetics, driving forces and kinetics of nucleation, diffusional and diffusionless phase transformations.

Biomedical Engineering

Minor supervised by an interdisciplinary faculty committee, administered by the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. The Biomedical Engineering minor is a unique opportunity for engineering students to acquire a multi-disciplinary engineering and life sciences background for entering the field of biomedical engineering.