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MGMT 310: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

(Cross-listed with ENTSP). (3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: Sophomore classification
Review of the entrepreneurial process with emphasis on starting a new business. How to analyze opportunities, develop an innovative product, organize, finance, market, launch, and manage a new venture. Deals with the role of the entrepreneur and the importance of a business plan. Speakers and field project.

Ivy College of Business

...the minor include, ENTSP 310 Entrepreneurship and Innovation...information systems (IS), management (MGMT), marketing (MKT), or...

Actuarial Science

...FIN 310 Corporate Finance . Thus, FIN 310 remains...completed prior to taking MGMT 478 in the...

Entrepreneurial Studies

...including the following: ENTSP 310 Entrepreneurship and Innovation...including one required course, MGMT 566 Entrepreneurship and...