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MIS 207: Fundamentals of Computer Programming

(Cross-listed with COM S). (3-1) Cr. 3. F.S.SS.

Prereq: MATH 150 or placement into MATH 140 or higher
An introduction to computer programming using an object-oriented programming language. Emphasis on the basics of good programming techniques and style. Extensive practice in designing, implementing, and debugging small programs. Use of abstract data types. Interactive and file I/O. This course is not designed for computer science, software engineering, and computer engineering majors. Credit may not be applied toward graduation for both Com S 207/MIS 207 and Com S 227.

Ivy College of Business

...Courses. Management Information Systems majors will take MIS 207 Fundamentals of Computer Programming as part...

Computing Applications Certificate

...the Social Sciences ECON 207 Applied Economic Optimization...CprE), Management Information Systems (MIS), or Software Engineering...