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STAT 322: Probabilistic Methods for Electrical Engineers

(Cross-listed with E E). (3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: E E 224
Introduction to probability with applications to electrical engineering. Sets and events, probability space, conditional probability, total probability and Bayes' rule. Discrete and continuous random variables, cumulative distribution function, probability mass and density functions, expectation, moments, moment generating functions, multiple random variables, functions of random variables. Elements of statistics, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, least squares. Introduction to random processes.


The curriculum in liberal arts and sciences with a major in statistics is designed to prepare students for (1) statistics positions in business, industry or commerce, nonprofit institutions, and in state or federal government; and (2) graduate study in statistics. Positions include the following types of work: statistical design, data visualization, analysis and interpretation of experiments and surveys; data processing and analysis using modern computation facilities and statistical computing systems; application of statistical principles and methods in commercial areas such as finance, insurance, industrial research, technology, marketing, manufacturing, sports analytics, quality control, and nonprofit organizations, such as institutions involved in health care or medical research.

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