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STAT 516: Statistical Design and Analysis of Gene Expression Experiments

(3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: STAT 500; STAT 447 or STAT 542 or STAT 588
Introduction to high-throughput technologies for gene expression studies (especially RNA-sequencing technology): the role of blocking, randomization, and biological and technical replication in the design of gene expression experiments; normalization methods; methods for identifying differentially expressed genes including mixed linear model analysis, generalized linear model analysis, generalized linear mixed model analysis, quasi-likelihood methods, and empirical Bayes analysis; procedures for controlling false discovery rate for multiple testing; clustering problems for gene expression data; testing gene categories; emphasis on current research topics for statistical analysis of high dimensional gene expression data.


...526 , STAT 587 , STAT 505 , STAT 512 , STAT...518 , AGRON 525 , GEOL 516, or MTEOR 552...