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PL P 494: Seed Pathology

(Dual-listed with PL P 594). (2-0) Cr. 2. Alt. F., offered odd-numbered years.

Prereq: PL P 408
Significance of biotic and abiotic diseases that affect the production and utilization of seeds, during each phase of the seed life cycle: growing, harvesting, conditioning, storing, and planting seed. Mechanisms of seed infection and seed-to-seedling transmission are considered for fungi, bacteria, viruses/viroids, and nematodes. Aspects of epidemiology, management, and host-pathogen relationships are discussed. Emphases include the role of seed health testing in the global seed industry for quality control and phytosanitary certification, as well as the use of seed treatments to manage seedborne and soilborne pathogens and pests. Concurrent enrollment in Pl P 494L/594L (Seed Pathology Laboratory) is strongly encouraged (on-campus students only). Credit may not be obtained for both Pl P 494/594 and STB/Pl P 592.