Occupational Safety Certificate

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Undergraduate Certificate in Occupational Safety

The undergraduate certificate in Occupational Safety is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students who are planning a career with management responsibilities (including safety), but are not planning on careers as safety professionals. This Certificate provides them with desired professional development and recognition of their increased professional knowledge and skills in the field of Occupational Safety.

Working professionals who have discovered that their career path has resulted in an increased focus on occupational safety, but do not have formal educational training in safety will also benefit from this structured safety curriculum.  This certificate program prepares professionals, regardless of discipline, to effectively meet expected occupational safety responsibilities.

A professional with an Iowa State University Occupational Safety certificate will strengthen a company's ability to protect their workers from injuries and illnesses. This undergraduate certificate provides a way to give formal recognition of focused study in occupational safety that is less comprehensive than what is required for an undergraduate major. 

The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, with its nationally ranked education programs, is pleased to offer this Occupational Safety Certificate program to undergraduate students, graduate students, and working professionals. This certificate program is available on campus or entirely online via web-based interactions and streaming media.

20 Credits required.
Students complete the following 14 credits of core courses:

TSM 2700Principles of Injury Prevention and Safety3
TSM 3700Occupational Safety3
TSM 3710Occupational Safety Management2
TSM 3720Legal Aspects of Occupational Safety and Health2
TSM 4700Industrial Hygiene: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Hazards3
TSM 4930DWorkshop in Technology: Occupational Safety1-4

The remaining six credits will selected from the following:

TSM 3760Fire Protection and Prevention3
TSM 4710Safety Laboratory1
TSM 4770Risk Analysis and Management3
TSM 3930FTopics in Technology: Agricultural Safety and Health1-4
HS 1050First Aid and Emergency Care2
HS 1100Personal and Consumer Health3
HS 3050Instructor's First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation2
IE 2710Applied Ergonomics and Work Design3

A minimum of 9 credits applied towards the certificate cannot be used to meet any other departmental, college, or university requirement.
Courses taken for the certificate cannot be taken pass not pass.
A grade of a 2.0 or better is required in each individual course applied towards the certificate.