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American Indian Studies Minor

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American Indian Studies Minor

American Indian Studies is a cross-disciplinary minor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that allows students to learn more about the contemporary and historical realities of native communities in North America, to appreciate the variety of native cultures and experiences, and to be prepared for an attentive lifelong learning experience in a diverse world.

Courses focus on critical thinking and the application of knowledge in complex, diverse situations. Courses in American Indian Studies thus not only provide knowledge on specific native issues, but also prepare students for careers and further studies in fields such as community development and planning, social work, law, sociology, education, history, anthropology, agriculture, resource extraction, literature, policy, engineering, or environmental issues.

Today, 80% of American Indians live outside of reservation communities. American Indian Studies students will gain the knowledge and skills they need for living and working with, in, and around native communities and people who live everywhere in North America, and, increasingly, the world.

For students who are interested in deeper knowledge on the issues, a major can be pursued through the Interdisciplinary Studies major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Faculty members also are available to provide expertise to graduate students working on specific issues that involve American Indian themes.

The minor in American Indian Studies is 15 credits and includes:

AMIN 2100Introduction to American Indian Studies3

And 12 additional credits of AM IN coursework, of which at least 9 credits need to be 3000-level courses or above. The minor must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement.

Coursework will be established in consultation with the program director through the Curriculum Change Form.