World Film Studies Minor

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World Film Studies

The World Film Studies undergraduate minor is an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program in the department of World Languages and Cultures that provides coursework in the history, theory, and aesthetics of world cinemas. Upon completion of the World Film Studies minor students will

1) Demonstrate solid skills of formal film analysis and knowledge of the essential theoretical concepts of cinema studies;

2) Become familiar with prominent film directors, influential cinematic works, and cinematic traditions across the world;

3) Gain an understanding of the evolution of cinema as an art form; understand the relations between cinema and other arts;

4) Acquire knowledge and understanding of cinema as a mode of cultural expression and communication; develop new perspectives on U.S. culture and cinema through comparison with other world cultures and cinemas.

A student seeking an undergraduate minor in World Film Studies must successfully complete a minimum of 15 credits, which must include WFS 2780 or ENGL 2370 Survey of Film History and 12 credits selected from the following list of electives. Of these, at least 6 credits must be from courses taught in the department of World Languages and Cultures. The minor must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other department, college or university requirement.

Courses taught in WLC (at least 6 credits)
CHIN 3780Chinese Film and Society3
FRNCH 3260French and Francophone Film3
FRNCH 3780French Cinema3
GER 3780German Film and Media Studies3-4
RUS 3780Russian Film Studies in English3
SPAN 3260Studies in Hispanic Art or Film3
SPAN 3780Hispanic Film Studies in English3
Courses outside of WLC (up to 6 credits)
ENGL 3150Creative Writing: Screenplays3
ENGL 3350Studies in Film3
ENGL 4500Seminar in Literary Genres3
JLMC 3070Digital Video Production3
AMIN 2050American Indians in the Movies3

Curricular note: no more than 6 credits of each repeatable course (FRNCH 3260 and FRNCH 3780) may be applied to the minor. Both WLC 2780 and ENG 2370 (6 credits max) may count toward the minor.