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A TR 549A: Athletic Training Clinical Education Study Abroad: Preparing for the Experience

Cr. 1. S.

Prereq: In addition to the study abroad application requirements, students must be accepted into their intended program, junior classification or graduate student majoring in Athletic Training, minimum GPA of 3.0, and completion of A TR 220, or A TR 228 and A TR 229.
Preparation for a study abroad experience that is focused on the discipline of athletic training in another country. Pre-travel for A TR 549B study abroad experience.
Meets International Perspectives Requirement.

Athletic Training

This major prepares students for a career as an athletic trainer in a variety of settings such as high school, college and professional settings.  There are additional settings in sports medicine clinics, hospitals, military, industry, and in performing arts.  The accredited program will prepare students for the Board of Certification exam upon graduation.  Admission to the athletic training program is competitive and based on available departmental resources. Admission procedures and technical standards can be found at .